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La Biblia al alcance de todos por Michael C Armour (A Newcomer's Guide to the Bible)

La Biblia al alcance de todos por Michael C Armour (A Newcomer's Guide to the Bible)

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Este libro lleva al lector a mirar la Biblia entera con ojos frescos.

  •  ¿Cómo encaja cada libro de la Biblia en la historia del pueblo de Dios?
  • ¿Qué pasó durante los cuatro siglos entre Malaquías y Mateo?

     Con mapas, gráficos y explicaciones el autor deja al estudiante con un nuevo aprecio por la obra de Dios en su libro sagrado. Usted quedará más confiado para explicar cada parte de la Biblia y cómo se encaja en el todo. Conocerá mejor la Biblia para enseñar a otros mejor que nunca. 

260 páginas
Retail: $15.00
Sale: $12.00
ISBN: 978-1-892435-33-0


A Newcomer's Guide to the Bible (La Biblia al alcance de todosby Michael C Armour

      This book causes the reader to see the whole Bible with fresh eyes.

  • How does each book of the Bible fit into the history of God's people?
  • What happened during the four centuries between Malachi and Matthew?

      With maps, graphs, and explanations the author leaves the student with a new appreciation for the work of God in His Holy Book. The reader will become more confident in explaining each part of the Bible and how it fits in the whole. They will know the Bible better in order to teach others better than ever.

260 pages

Retail: $15.00

Sale:  $12.00
ISBN: 978-1-892435-33-0

About the Author

Dr. Michael C. Armour has over 40 years of ministry experience and is currently the president of Easter European Mission. He also is the president of Strategic Leadership Development International. He has served as a college president and is a retired naval reserve captain in the field of intelligence. He holds a PhD from UCLA in the intellectual and cultural history of Europe, with a specialization in the Protestant Reformation. 

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