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Christ and Islam: Understanding the Faith of the Muslims

Christ and Islam: Understanding the Faith of the Muslims

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Islam is expanding rapidly worldwide. With this rise in conversions arrives the real possibility that the average Christian will eventually work with, live next to, attend school or socialize with converts to Islam. This fact alone underscores the importance for the Christian of understanding the Islamic religion and being able to answer the basic belief systems of the Muslim.
James Beverley provides an excellent resource that introduces the Christian to the basic tenets of the Islamic religion. Formatted to be easy to use and quick to reference, Christ and Islam: Understanding the Faith of the Muslims provides:

  • Five easy memory keys that help you learn the basic tenets of Islam
  • An overview of the life of Muhammad
  • A quick review of the Quran (Islamic Holy Book)
  • A picture of Jesus through Muslim eyes
  • Specific keys that help you reach the Muslim for Christ
This study demonstrates these points in language suitable for group study. By providing the most current, correct and concise information on Islam, James Beverley has built a resource that bridges the gap from Islam to Christ.

Christ and Islam has 6 chapters and 84 pages.

ISBN 978-0-89900-715-1



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About the Author

James Beverley is a Professor of Theology and Ethics and Chair of the Theology Department at Tyndale Seminary in Toronto, Canada. Professor Beverly has specialized for over twenty years in the relationship of Christian faith to new and world religions. He has an Honors BA in Philosophy and the Master of Divinity degree from Acadia University, the Masters in Theology from the University of Toronto, and did his PhD at Toronto School of Theology.

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