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Student Ministry That Leaves a Mark

Student Ministry That Leaves a Mark

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Christianity involves the investing of your life into the lives of others. Nowhere is that more important than investing in the lives of youth. This wonderful resource is designed to stimulate thinking as well as igniting passion to reach youth for Christ. It will equip you to change youth, and in so doing, change the world.

Student Ministry That Leaves a Mark has 27 chapters and 318 pages.

ISBN 978-0-89900-916-2




"This is a good basic primer for those interested in youth ministry. The brief chapters get to the point quickly and offer practical advice. This book is extremely helpful for both those interested in youth ministry as a possible career and for the volunteer. The authors are knowledgeable about and have an expertise in the chapters they have authored. I think this will be a book you will be taking off the shelf many times to find helpful counsel when working with students."

 - Les Christie, Chair, Youth Ministry department, San Jose Christian College


"Insightful. Comprehensive. Practical. Zus and the gang hit a homer with this "must have" YM resource. Student Ministry That Leaves a Mark will be a great tool to help us leave eternal marks in this generation of students. I want all my students to get a copy right away!"

 - Rondel Ramsey, Youth Ministry Professor, Lincoln Christian College


"I appreciate the practical side of this book, but more importantly I appreciate the emphasis on the theological side - plain and simple. I look forward to using this book in my classes this fall."

 - Dudley Chancey, Ph.D, Professor of Youth Ministry, Oklahoma Christian University


About the Authors

Gary Zustiak is a Counseling and Pastoral Care professor at Ozark Christian College. He has also served as the Director of Youth Ministries and Resources for Christ In Youth and as adjunct professor at Lincoln Christian Seminary. Gary has held ministries in Illinois and Idaho. He and his wife, Mary, have three sons, Joshua, Aaron and Caleb, and three grandchildren. Gary loves going to movies, playing his Taylor guitar, and hugging on his grandkids. He has authored two books, The NeXt Generation and Reasons to Believe.

Kevin Greer is the Ministry Center Director at Ozark Christian College. He also served as an Associate Director at CIY overseeing and directing the Discipleship Retreats and Summer Conferences. He spent 17 years as a youth minister in Oklahoma, Colorado, and is also the author of Life to Life Discipleship. His driving purpose in youth ministry is to instill in youth workers the desire to mentor and disciple their students to grow stronger, deeper, and more real in their relationship to Christ. Kevin and his wife, Debbie, have three sons: Jay, Levi, and Ethan.

John Mouton has been on staff at Fairview Christian Church since 2009 and serves as an Elder as well. John serves on a team of talented people to facilitate Sunday morning celebrations. John and his wife Nancy have 3 children and two grandchildren.

Josh Finklea is a veteran in the field of youth ministry and speaks on behalf of Christ In Youth and Compassion International. He is a highly sought after speaker for conventions, conferences, retreats, and school assemblies. He is passionate about preaching to students and loving lost people. Currently Josh works with Christ In Youth where he is the director of the Junior High "Believe" program. Josh and his wife, Krista, have four children, Clay, Mackenzie, Tate, and Abby.

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