Millennial Harbinger - we found two sets!

Millennial Harbinger - we found two sets!

A word from Chris

When you move from an office and warehouse where you have been located for over 12 years, you find things. Such was the case in our very recent move to our new location at 1307 W 20th Street here in Joplin. We love our new space - and we found a couple of things in the process of moving.

Something special that we found was two full sets of the Millennial Harbinger, the journal published by Alexander Campbell in the very early days of the Restoration Movement. It is a massive set of books, reprinted by my father, Don DeWelt, quite a few years ago. In all there are 41 volumes of about 800 pages per volume. It is some of the richest history of our movement. These sets all sold out many years ago, but we would like to make these two sets available. We are keeping a nice set in our archives, but I would like to make these two extra sets available to whoever would like them.

If you are interested, send me an email at, or and I will send you a set for $299 post paid. They sold for hundreds of dollars more back in the 70's when they were first printed. The binding is brown rather than red as pictured, but they are the same books.

If I can help you with anything, feel free to write me.

Grace and peace to you as you serve our Lord!


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