COVID 19: Eternal Security in the Midst of Chaos

COVID 19: Eternal Security in the Midst of Chaos

The COVID 19 crisis has brought about an unusual situation in which people have stayed home to avoid encountering the deadly virus. As COVID 19 has slowly made its way around the world, billions have fled to their homes to take shelter and to wait out the passing of the virus through their communities. For many, including Christ-followers, it has been a time of fear and uncertainty as we wait and watch for the virus to show its effects around us. However, as King Solomon eloquently put it in Ecclesiastes 1:9 “…there is nothing new under the sun.” Though we may be surprised at the concept of staying home to avoid death, it’s not the first time God’s people stayed home under quarantine.

In Exodus 12, God was getting ready to send His 10th and last plague against the nation of Egypt in order to free His people the Israelites. Before the plague, God warned His people about what was to take place and what they could do to prepare. He told them to gather and prepare food, including a lamb. The lamb was to be slaughtered and its blood wiped around the doors of their homes. The Israelites were told that God would protect those who had the lamb’s blood over the door but would kill the firstborn of every house that did not. After that, the Israelites were then instructed to stay put in their homes while the last plague took its toll in the community.

Verse 28 in Exodus 12 says that the Israelites were obedient in their preparations. They slaughtered the lamb, wiped its blood over the door, and in their own version of self-quarantine, they hunkered down in their homes as the plague made its way through the community killing hundreds and thousands around them. Though it was a scary and uncertain time, the people who were faithful and had the blood of the lamb covering their home were victorious during the massive plague.

In the year 2020, we find ourselves in a very similar situation. Many of us have prepared by gathering food and self-quarantining as we wait for the virus to make its way through our communities. However, for Jesus-followers, there is one preparation that will cover us and protect us more than anything else – the blood of the Lamb Jesus Christ.

 As others have pointed out, it’s quite interesting that the COVID 19 crisis ravaged America in the days leading up to Easter. And as we are surrounded by death and uncertainty, there is no better time to reflect on Whose blood covers us. The Lord Jesus was the perfect Lamb that was slaughtered on our behalf to cover our sins and save us from eternal death. Because of His death and His blood, those who follow Him have eternal security and eternal peace. They don’t have to fear sickness or even death, because their souls have been secured by the only One capable enough to secure it.

Jesus never promised His followers that they wouldn’t get sick, and He didn’t promise that they wouldn’t die. In fact, Jesus warned many times that we would face all those things. However, because of Jesus’ death on the cross and His blood shed for our sins, we don’t have to worry what will become of our souls in eternity.

In the midst of COVID 19, you may feel like the Israelites, hunkering down in self-quarantine waiting for the virus to pass through your neighborhood. But remember – if you follow Jesus and have His blood covering you, you have made the best possible preparation you can for COVID 19. For where Jesus’ blood is, there is peace and eternal security for your soul.

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