Want some encouragement? Learn which book has been a COVID best-seller.

Want some encouragement? Learn which book has been a COVID best-seller.

The COVID 19 season and everything that’s come along with it has certainly rocked our world. It has brought about major disruptions in families, workplaces, social settings, and churches. Yet, in spite of these challenges, God has been bringing about good.


Over the past 6 months during this season of social distancing and stay-at-home orders, we’ve seen God moving simply through what books people are purchasing, and we think you’ll be encouraged about which has been one of our best sellers. It is indeed an indicator of how God has redeemed this season for His glory.


From March until now, one of our best-selling books has been Good as New - a Child’s Guide to Baptism. This book has activities and lessons to guide young people to making an informed, heart-felt decision to be baptized. It also has a leader guide that helps parents or ministry leaders guide young people in discussions about the meaning of baptism and the everyday walk with Jesus.


The high demand for this book gives us great encouragement and hope for the future. Since 1959 when College Press was founded, our core mission has been to make “Every Christian a Bible Student”. Our objective as a company is that our books lead people closer to Christ and drive each person’s spiritual growth. We’re overjoyed that Good as New is such a needed resource, particularly in this day, time, and season of history.


Simply based on the buying patterns of parents and ministry leaders across the country, we can see that the COVID 19 season has not been a waste. This season of isolation, loneliness, and other impending challenges is actually driving spiritual growth, particularly amongst our young people. God is moving amongst our young people to drive their spiritual curiosity and to give them a hunger to walk more closely with our Lord and Savior Jesus.


If you haven’t seen a similar surge in your spiritual growth during this time, it’s not too late to pursue it. The COVID 19 season is far from over, and we as a nation still have a long road ahead. However, the physical, financial, and emotional challenges of this season do not have to be a waste. In fact, we shouldn’t let it be a waste. Each of us has a choice in whether to let this season drive us away from Christ or drive us closer to Him.


Let’s follow the example of our young people and use this season to know our Lord better. If you don’t have a personal relationship with Him, we have books that can guide you in developing that relationship. If you already know Jesus as your Lord and Savior, we have books to help you grow in that relationship or to help others with theirs. And if you’re not sure which books to choose, contact us and we can help you.


Only God can turn such a troubling time into something that expands His kingdom and strengthens His people. Let’s each do our part to actively pursue the positive outcome He is looking for.

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