Madi's Reader Review of "Christ and Islam"

Madi's Reader Review of "Christ and Islam"

Hi College Press Family,

My name is Madi Ngo, and I recently finished reading Christ and Islam by James Beverley. 

I really appreciated the way Beverley broke down common stereotypes about Muslims. Not all of them are terrorists, or even have cruel intentions towards Christians. In fact, only a small percentage of the Muslim religion supports the violent acts that we often see broadcasted. This was eye-opening for me.

I grew up thinking that most religions were similar to Christianity but that they just weren’t close enough. However, through reading this book, I see now that thinking is very far off. Believing in Islam means denouncing the Trinity. In fact, the exact words a Muslim must recite to be part of the faith are “There is no God but Allah, and Muhammad is His messenger.” This just sums it up. Christianity and Islam are not similar. However, there are traits of Islam that Christians could learn from, specifically how dedicated to prayer they are. Could you say you pray at least five times a day? Odds are, you don’t. However, most any Muslim you run into would say they do. The commitment they have to talking to their god is astounding and something I think Christians can learn from.

This book pushed me to reflect on the Muslim world and their need for Christ. It made it easier for me to understand how we can talk with them about Christianity, as often I think I am too afraid to share. The questions at the end of the book were incredibly helpful for me regarding how to respond to questions a Muslim might ask about Christianity.

This book can be read solo, but I think with the thought-provoking questions at the end, this book would be best read within a small group or at least with a discussion partner. I would recommend it for readers college-age and older. It’s an easy read, but for someone like me without a Bible college background, there are a few words that may need to be Googled. This is a must-read for anyone looking to appropriately witness to Muslims, remembering to reach for kindness and love along with the truth we share. 

Thanks and I hope you have a great day! 

Madi Ngo- 20 yrs. old; married for 1.5 yrs. (to Liam, who has been my best friend since childhood); my family was previously Catholic but came fully to Christ when I was 8.

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