Jenny Scott's Reader Review of "Known and Loved"

Jenny Scott's Reader Review of "Known and Loved"

Hi College Press readers! 

I recently went through the book Known and Loved by Jessica Skiles, with my daughter who is 11 years old. We wanted to do a Bible study together and thought this one would be good. I appreciated how easy it was to read and also to do with a friend. The prayers in this study are so heartfelt, my daughter and I loved to read them as well as pray them out loud together. The questions that the author asks at the end of each chapter were great conversation starters for us. My daughter especially loved the parts where she could create an image and draw as we read the lessons. 

I would recommend this study to any new believer but also to anyone who has known the truth for a while. If you have been walking in your faith for a while, but have a friend who is new, this study would be great to do together!  It is a very versatile study. 

My name is Jenny Scott and I have been a Children's director at Antioch Christian Church in Marion, IA for 2 years and before that I was a volunteer Children's Team Leader for 10 years. I have been happily married for 23 years, and have 5 kids.

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