What the Bible Says about Grace: Set Free!

Dr. Jack Cottrell
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A revered man. A distinguished academic. A favorite teacher. Dr. Jack Cottrell has written what might be his Magnum Opus…

The most important issues anyone faces are those of eternity.  The quest for salvation--to be set free from the shackles of sin and the power of guilt--should be life’s first pursuit.  The freedom of knowing your salvation is secure for all eternity is priceless. Unfortunately, there is much confusion in the world today on how to receive this freedom.  Many teach a works-driven salvation.  Many others emphasize a salvation by grace. Yet there is still considerable contention in the religious world over the topic that was never meant to divide but always to unite--grace.

In this definitive study on what the Bible says about grace, Dr. Jack Cottrell engages the reader in a sweeping review of every passage of Scripture that teaches on this important truth.  Primarily focusing on Paul’s teaching in Romans 1-8 as well as drawing from many other texts in both testaments, Dr. Cottrell presents a simple, practical, and thorough case for an accurate biblical view of God’s grace.  See for yourself in this short excerpt: 

“By grace you have been saved,” Paul emphatically affirms twice in Ephesians 2:5, 10.  What does it mean to be saved by grace?  This phrase has three distinct connotations, any one or all of which may be in view in such passages.  First, grace may be regarded as the source of salvation.  In this case it is referring to God’s very essence as a gracious God.  This aspect of God’s nature is the actual fountain from which all the blessings of salvation flow.  We are saved by the graciousness of God.   Second, grace may be spoken of as the way of salvation.  In this sense the word “grace” describes the method or system according to which a person is allowed to enter heaven.  We are saved by the grace system, as the only viable alternative to the impotent law system.  Third, grace is the content of salvation.  In this sense grace is something God bestows upon us as sinners; it is something we receive from him as a gift.  We are saved by the grace God gives us. (p. 31) 

When understood, grace can truly set us free.  This resource will be one every Christian will want to include in their library.

Set Free! has 18 chapters and 399 pages.

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About the Author...

Dr. Jack Cottrell has served on the Cincinnati Bible Seminary faculty since 1967.  He has taught Doctrine of Grace nearly 70 times to almost 2,000 seminary students.


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