What the Monks Can Teach Us: Ancient Practice/Postmodern World

J.K. Jones
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The world at its worst needs the Church at its best.

Is the Church healthy and fruitful today?

What needs to happen for the Church to really be the world-changing, divine fellowship God intended?

More programs? The Church doesn't need more programs. Increased busyness is not the answer. What's needed is a rediscovery of the balance between personal piety and community charity, of love of God and love of neighbor.

This book is about change.

What the Monks can Teach Us seeks to examine five large questions relating to discovering a biblical form of monasticism: 
    * Why the call to re-monk the Church; what's behind it?
    * What objections are there to this call?
    * What is Christian monasticism?
    * What are some tools available for re-monking the Church?
    * How does this change occur?

The purpose of this book is to encourage readers to have a longing for God, which will in turn produce a longing for telling others about Him.

"Learning from the monks is not a quick program to be implemented in the life of local congregations or hurriedly incorporated into Bible colleges or university campuses. What this holy undertaking requires is a body of disciples who believe that in humbly gazing upon and seeking the Father in a quiet, godly way they can not only change the Church, and the world, but mot importantly, be changed themselves."-J.K. Jones

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What the Monks Can Teach Us has 5 chapters and 79 pages.

About the Author...

Dr. J.K. Jones serves as a professor at Lincoln Christian College and as the preaching minister at Jefferson Street Christian Church in Lincoln, Illinois.Balance, encouragement, encourage, Longing for God, Evangelizing, Evangelism, Rediscovering

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